Course Three Spring Subscription: Time - The Soul’s Autobiography
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Course Three Spring Subscription: Time - The Soul’s Autobiography

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Time - The Soul’s Autobiography is the third, in a series of eight courses, and provides students with an understanding of the importance of the management and redemptive nature of time. Each person is granted the same number of minutes each day. The way we steward those minutes becomes our soul’s autobiography. In other words, time is used to tell the stories of our lives. For the Christian, time management is an attempt to saturate all the activities of life with divine purpose by making sure our activities are consistent with God’s season for them. As students progress through the course, they will explore time itself, the nature of time, and discover how to redeem the time well. True leadership, the life-changing kind, is developed through understanding that the delicate nature of time must be stewarded well to maximize a leader’s impact.

The subscription-based model includes digital access to the Instructor’s Guide, Teaching Videos and Digital Book for a semester. Subscriptions must be renewed each semester.

Spring Semester: January-June

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