Course Five Spring Subscription: Motivation - The Invisible Labor
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Course Five Spring Subscription: Motivation - The Invisible Labor

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Motivation - The Invisible Labor is the fifth in a series of eight courses and provides students with an understanding of the importance of developing a life that is rightly motivated, rightly focused, and full of obedience. To develop this kind of life, students will learn to eliminate common distractions such as prideful thinking, immorality, distractions, comparison, and the mistakes of their past. Instead, students will begin to see their lives as a God-ordained grand adventure that is designed and granted to expand His kingdom. Through this study of motivation, students will ultimately identify the adventure story within their own lives and learn to live motivated lives, dedicated to God’s mission. True leadership, the life-changing kind, is developed through a life that is rightly motivated and dedicated to the mission of God.

The subscription-based model includes digital access to the Instructor’s Guide, Teaching Videos and Digital Book for a semester. Subscriptions must be renewed each semester.

Spring Semester: January-June

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